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Elevate your child's autumnal adventures with Leafy Paws Anti-Slip Flexible Sandals, designed exclusively for toddlers and kids. These sandals seamlessly blend comfort and safety, ensuring a secure fit that encourages unrestricted movement.

Crafted for playful days during the fall season, these sandals boast an anti-slip sole, guaranteeing reliable traction on various terrains. Whether your child is frolicking in fallen leaves or exploring nature's wonders, each step is met with confidence.

Adorned with a charming leaf-inspired design, these sandals add a touch of whimsy to your child's fall explorations. Watch as they navigate the changing landscapes with stability and grace, fully embracing the beauty of the season.

Equip your child with the perfect fusion of comfort and security. Browse our collection and witness your child's autumn journey flourish, as they step boldly into the world wearing these unique Leafy Paws Anti-Slip Flexible Sandals, promising snug comfort and fearless exploration.

Size Chart
  • The suggested age range for each shoe is approximate. For the most precise fit, kindly follow the instructions provided on this page.
  • Consider adding an extra 0.5-1 cm for an ideal fit. For instance, if your baby's foot measures 11 cm, we recommend selecting a shoe that comfortably fits a 12 cm size.

Step 1: Prepare

Start by getting a sheet of paper, a pencil or pen, and a ruler to measure the length of the foot.

Position the sheet of paper flush against the wall, ensuring that their heel is also against the wall (resting on the paper's edge).

Step 2: Outline

Then, carefully outline the exact shape of your baby's foot. Ensure their toes are extended straight and not curled.

Maintain the drawing utensil in a vertical position, avoiding any slant or angle.

Step 3: Measure

Lastly, after you've outlined their precise foot shape, use a ruler to precisely measure the foot's length.

Ensure the ruler is held completely straight during the measurement process.

Choosing The Correct Size

Once you've followed the steps to measure your baby's foot, use the table we've given you to pick the perfect size.

Look at the baby's age on the left side.

The other two columns match up with the measurements you just took. For example, if your baby's foot is about 4.9 inches, go for the 19-24 Month size. This will give them enough space to wiggle and grow happily.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to chat with us on the bottom right.


How can I measure my child's foot?

Please follow the steps on this page.

Do I need to wear socks with your shoes?

Sneak Smart products can be seen as a fusion of socks and shoes, eliminating the necessity of wearing separate socks with our slippers. Nevertheless, our items are versatile and can be worn with or without socks as per your preference.

Can the shoes be worn in cold and wet weather?

Our shoes are crafted to ensure your child's feet remain cozy throughout every season. Furthermore, we offer specialized items explicitly tailored for winter conditions.

Are the shoes waterproof?

While they may not be waterproof, our offerings are crafted using a blend of cotton, polyester, and silicone rubber. The Sneak Smart anti-slip shoes are suitable for damp environments and can be worn in water, rendering them ideal for beach outings or park activities.

What materials are the shoes made from?

The upper portion of the slippers comprises 85% cotton, 12% spandex and 3% polyester, while the lower section is constructed from TPE silicone rubber. All employed materials are both secure and devoid of toxicity, having undergone thorough testing to guarantee impeccable quality and safety standards.

Are the shoes compatible with wide and/or chunky feet?

An exceptionally remarkable aspect of Sneak Smart footwear is its adaptability to accommodate the evolving foot dimensions of our young ones. The pliable and lightweight sole, in conjunction with the materials employed, enables our items to effortlessly conform to diverse foot contours and sizes.

What’s the best way to wash the shoes?

It is possible to clean our slippers using a washing machine. We suggest utilizing a laundry bag during the washing process and opting for air-drying for the slippers.

Are they comfortable to wear?

Absolutely, they stand as possibly the utmost comfortable footwear you could don, quite literally. Imagine the cozy embrace of a sock, coupled with the ease and stability of a shoe. Wearing them feels like a dream!

Can they be easily taken off by little ones?

Once more, this was a significant factor taken into account during the development phase. Contrary to expectations, they can't be effortlessly removed. You'll observe that your child appears quite content wearing them. They provide immense comfort and warmth, preventing any discomfort. Admittedly, the shorter sock shoes might be a tad simpler to slip off, yet even so, they undeniably remain securely in place.

Do they have an arch support?

Our shoe socks are like starter shoes before walking, so the bottom is flat. We made them this way to copy how it feels to walk without shoes. This helps little feet grow strong and healthy. We're big fans of light and bendy shoes for growing kids!

Do they allow the foot to breath?

Definitely! We thought about this a lot while making the shoes. We put small holes in the sole to let air in, so their feet stay comfy – not too hot or too cold.

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